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Our affiliate programme is available to any offshore outsourcing company prepared to fully complete our registration form, abide by the Intellect code of conduct, and submit to verification and local inspection by our management team.

Affiliates become promoted to partner status once they have been selected to work with us on any given project or detailed sales proposal.

Our affiliates and partners benefit from:

  • Opportunity to be considered for customer contracts
  • Marketing opportunities afforded by our Newsletter, sponsored events and other initiatives we introduce to promote offshore outsourcing
  • Being Listed in our web site's offshore outsourcing vendor web site list
  • Access to our UK sales, marketing, project management and technical expertise.

We do not, unless the customer demands it, ask a large number of vendors to bid for any work. We carefully match our customers' requirements against the strengths and weaknesses of our partners and affiliates, selecting the most appropriate candidate to work with.

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Important Notice

eCODE reserves the right to remove a company from its partner or affiliate programme at any time for any breach of the code of conduct, or professional misdeed which we consider renders the vendor unsuitable for consideration for undertaking projects with our customer base.

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Membership of our partner and affiliates programmes is completely free of charge. We do not charge for joint proposals or sales efforts where eCODE is the prime contractor to the end user. However we do charge standard commercial rates when we undertake work on your behalf, such as:

  • Sales visits, proposal production on behalf of a partner or affiliate
  • Project management and technical services provided on behalf of a partner or affiliate

We also charge a sliding-scale percentage rate on the value of any work you obtain as a result of an introduction obtained either directly from us or via one of our services.

For details of our charges and rates please contact us.

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