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Promoting and supporting your business without a physical presence is a major barrier to breaking into the UK and European Markets.

Setting up a local office can be a time consuming and expensive activity, not to mention the on-going staffing and facilities costs. eCODE has successfully established itself as a UK owned company specialising in promoting and managing offshore software development projects. We are now looking to make our experience available to overseas companies who are yet to establish a presence in the UK.

We are able to provide fully managed UK based offices with dedicated National and Mobile 'phone numbers. We provide professional technical staff with many years' experience in offshore software development to answer calls on your behalf. We also make visits and provide on-site technical support.

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We offer the following services to help offshore developers economically maintain a UK presence and succeed in the UK market. Click on a link below to find out more:

Professional UK Presence
Professional Support - Sales days
Professional Support - Consultancy days
Visit Support
Registered Company.

Image of Broadmarsh Business and Innovation Centre
Broadmarsh Business and Innovation Centre
Location of eCODE's offices on the South Coast of England.

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  • A fully supported UK Presence including:
    • Dedicated telephone number answered in your own company's name
    • Dedicated cellphone number answered in your own company's name
    • Fax
    • Technical support
    • UK Mainland address
  • Making sure your message is read and understood. We provide assistance with customising your sales collateral and other literature to the UK and European Markets
  • Save on travel time and costs, we provide pre-sales support including on-site visits on your behalf
  • UK commercial and technical management widely experienced in the offshore development model
  • Should you need to visit the UK or Europe, we can simplify the process by helping with business visas, local travel and accommodation arrangements.

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Service Details

Professional UK Presence

A UK based office with dedicated 'phone and answering service, with the following facilities:

  • National (0845) 'phone number, which can generally be transferred at a later date should you need to establish offices staffed with your own personnel
  • Cellphone with text and voicemail facilities
  • Professional, personal answering service tailored to your company throughout UK prime shift hours (0800-2000)
  • Dedicated technical and management staff to handle calls on your behalf
  • Advice and assistance in ensuring you web site, sales collateral, marketing collateral, and documentation is properly tailored to the UK and European markets.

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Professional Support - Sales Day

On-site visits by sales representatives to present your company, prepare statements of requirements, hand over brochures, and manage conference calls between your prospects and your staff. We can also locally produce stationery, brochures and literature if required, or at the very least ensure your literature is properly targeted and adapted to the UK or European markets. In the course of our visits we'll:

  • Introduce your Company and its propositions
  • Talk your prospect through your brochures and other literature
  • Prepare Statement of Requirements.

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Professional Support - Consultancy day

On-site and off-site support to your customers and prospects, encompassing Technical and managerial functions including:

  • Project Plan
  • Proposal creation, editing and proofing
  • Full quotes
  • Project Management.

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Visit Support

There's nothing worse than arriving in a foreign country for the first time and not knowing where to go and what to do. We can provide letters of invitation for business visas, book accommodation and make travel arrangements on your behalf. We can also accompany you on your visits, making sure you get the most out of your time.

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Registered Company

For a full presence in the UK, we can provide a UK registered company, nominee directors, Bank account, legal advice and everything you need to set up a UK Company.

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Prices for setting up and running the standard UK presence are given below. For a full price list please contact us. Click here for our contact details.

Price - Professional UK Presence

Set-up: £775.00 One-off fee, covering

  • 'Phone installation
  • Call response script preparation and training
  • Cellphone subscription.

Monthly Subscription: £85.00 plus calls (at cost).

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Further Information

If you want to know even more, then please call or e-mail us. Click here for our contact details.