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Built on many years' experience gained in the successful management of offshore software development projects, BPO and call centres with concurrent teams operating across several continents, eCODE is able to offer its customers a choice of services and associated benefits:

  • On-site scoping of new projects. This can be a stand-alone exercise or can include a comparison with and validation of the customers' internal figures or those provided by third party suppliers

  • Assistance in the vetting of third party suppliers, based upon our own industry knowledge and extensive contacts in both Asia and Eastern Europe

  • Onshore project management of offshore projects. We can also manage, on our customer's behalf, projects which have already been awarded to an offshore supplier

  • Complete turnkey responsibility for the scoping, placement, management, analysis, implementation and roll-out of BPO and call centre projects and programming, test, delivery and integration of major software projects

  • A choice of a number of offshore development locations, one of which will be ideally suited to the project under consideration. Each of our delivery partners is carefully chosen for its technical excellence in its area of specialisation; this expertise can be rapidly ramped up or scaled down to suit the job in hand.

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Project Management Methodology

Every project is different, and our model is adapted to meet the specific needs of the type of project and delivery mechanisim employed. The diagram below illustrates a typical IT development project and is based on our experience of successful offshore delivery. A dedicated onshore team reviews the quality of the work produced and the specifications sent to the offshore team. This ensures the quality of the product supplied, and the development process.

ecodes offshore software development model is flexible, and easily adapted to meet the needs of each project.

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Projects undertaken by eCODE typically range from three months' to two years' duration, and have approximate values between 50K and 1M. Onshore work, such as project scoping, is normally charged at comparable rates to those offered by other UK and Western European development houses. Conversely, offshore work, which is generally the bulk of the project, will cost significantly less.

We are able to deliver and document our projects in a variety of European languages. Applications that need to be deployed across multiple locations requiring screens and reports in more than one language can easily be catered for. We currently provide support for English, French, German and Italian. With quality development facilities for other languages being actively sought.

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